10 Best Places to Visit in Europe in June

Feb. 06, 2024 by Kamila

June is probably the best month to explore Europe. The weather is very good everywhere; days are long, warm, and sunny, and you can hardly expect rain. Since it's still not the season for summer holidays, you can enjoy all the best places to visit in Europe in June without too many crowds and at lower prices. This is a perfect time to discover more of the Old Continent.

If you are wondering where to go in Europe in June, look no further! We compiled a comprehensive list of the best European destinations to visit in June, giving you an overview of amazing places that are perfect to travel to in late spring. Read on and plan your dream European holidays.

Krakow, Poland

Krakow is the most popular destination in Poland, welcoming both local and international tourists all year, but one of the best months to visit this fantastic city is June.

The weather is perfect, warm and sunny, with temperatures over 20°C. This is also when days are the longest, with the sunset time around 9 p.m., which allows you to use your time in Krakow to the fullest. And with so many amazing attractions you will always find something interesting and exciting to do.

Today, it is the second-largest city in Poland, but the place has a long and eventful history. Krakow was first mentioned in the year 966 and was the capital of the country between 1038 and 1609. Some of the most important monuments in Krakow date back to that period, but there is more to see and do there.

In Krakow, you will find the oldest Polish university, the second-largest castle in Poland, and the largest market square in medieval Europe. The Old Town of Krakow was granted the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage Site title for its great historical and cultural value.

For centuries, this was a multicultural city. Still, today, you can find the large Jewish heritage there, especially in the Kazimierz district (which is now one of the main hotspots for nightlife in Krakow). If you enjoy culture, you are in for a treat too, as you can visit numerous museums or theaters and enjoy many cultural events in the city.

Krakow can also be a great base from which to explore more of southern Poland. Places like UNESCO-listed salt mines in Wielczka and Bochnia or the former Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau are just a stone's throw away from Krakow.

If you visit Krakow around June 20th, you can attend one of the main cultural events in the city - the annual Wianki festival that celebrates Kupala Night - the major Slavic folk holiday happening on the shortest night of the year. The event takes place along the Vistula River in central Krakow; the highlights are music concerts of Polish and world-famous bands and beautiful fireworks in the evening.

If you have extra time in your itinerary, you can combine visiting Krakow with another interesting city in the region - Prague. The capital of the Czech Republic is about 500 km from the Polish city, but you can get there smoothly and hassle-free with the Krakow to Prague Transfer Tour by Sidetrip.

On the way, you will also stop in two unique, UNESCO-listed places in the Czech Republic: beautiful Olomouc and intriguing Kutna Hora. You can learn more details about the Krakow to Prague Transfer Tour from here.

Munich, Germany

Munich is another place with perfect weather in June. It's not too hot, there might be only a little rain, and the days are long and sunny. The city is already busy with tourists, but it's not yet overwhelmingly crowded, making sightseeing an enjoyable experience.

The capital of the Bavaria region is a beautiful place to explore, with many historical landmarks to visit and a thriving cultural scene to enjoy. Most interesting sights are located within Altstadt - the Old Town - where you should focus your sightseeing. You will find there the stunning New Town Hall and Frauenkirche (the cathedral) - both symbols of Munich - as well as pedestrian streets lined with beautiful architecture and numerous shops you can visit.

Fans of museums should focus on Kunstareal - the art district, one of the most renowned places of that kind in the world, with eighteen museums, over forty galleries, and numerous cultural events.

Munich is also home to BMW cars, so if automotive is your hobby, you can't miss the BMW Museum and BMW Welt, which have fascinating exhibitions about the famous car brand's history, presence, and future.

Since Munich is located not too far from the beautiful Alps, you shouldn't limit your stay only to the city. Plan some day trips around and visit picturesque places like the world-famous Neuschwanstein castle, the Alpine resort Garmisch-Partenkirchen, stunning Berchtesdagen, or the medieval cities of Nuremberg and Regensburg.

From Munich, you can continue your journey towards other fascinating European cities, such as Prague or Vienna. You can travel to both from Munich using the convenient Sidetrip transfer tours, with interesting stops along the way. This way, not only will you move easily between the cities, but you will also add some other beautiful places to your trip.

Copenhagen, Denmark

If you would like to visit the capital of Denmark, June is the best time to visit Copenhagen. This is when the weather is the best, with temperatures around 20°C, long days (even up to seventeen hours), and bright nights. With such good conditions, you can take advantage of all the attractions, both inside and outdoors.

Unfortunately, this is also when the number of visitors in Copenhagen increases, but with the right mindset, you can still enjoy the city to the fullest. And there is so much to see and do in Copenhagen!

You can take a picture at iconic landmarks like the Little Mermaid statue and colorful 17th-century houses at Nyhavn harbor, go for a boat tour through Copenhagen canals, and find your inner child at Tivoli Gardens amusement park. You should also visit Christiania - an independent community that started as a squat in 1971 and is currently among the most popular places to see in Copenhagen.

If the weather is not on your side, there are plenty of interesting museums you can visit, such as SMK National Art Museum, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, or world-famous art and sculpture museum Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek.

While based in Copenhagen, you can also make some great day trips from the capital and see places like Hamlet's castle in Helsingor, the royal Fredriksborg Castle, or Odense - the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen. You might even hop across the Øresund Strait to Sweden and add another country to your itinerary.

June is also the time of numerous great events in and near Copenhagen. On June 5th, Denmark celebrates its Constitution Day, a national holiday in the country. In the first part of the month you can also attend the Copenhagen Photo Festival, the most significant event of that kind in Nordic countries.

Fans of music have probably heard about the Roskilde Festival - one of the most famous rock festivals in Europe, organized near Copenhagen since 1971. The event usually takes place at the end of June in Roskilde, the town which is only 35 km away from the Danish capital.

Vilnius, Lithuania

Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania is one of the most underrated cities to visit in Europe. The best time to discover this fascinating place is June, when the weather is warm and sunny and the days are long. The slightly above 20°C average temperature is perfect for sightseeing and exploring Vilnius.

Even if the city center doesn't seem very big at first glance, there is so much to do and see there. The Old Town is a charming area with a maze of winding lanes and historical buildings, including many beautiful churches. In 1994, this part of Vilnius was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List as one of the best-preserved historic old towns in Northern Europe.

The Old Town of Vilnius smoothly changes into the New Town, stretching along the elegant Gediminas Avenue, dating back to the mid-19th century.

Since the city is located on hills, you can find some beautiful viewpoints in the center (like Castle Hill or Three Crosses Hill). Still, the most impressive one is from the St. John's Church tower located on the University grounds.

Vilnius is also home to some quirky attractions, such as Uzupis. Located near the Old Town, across the Vilnia River, this part of the city was declared an independent republic in 1997, with its own president, constitution, flag, and anthem. This is where you will find numerous art galleries, cafes, and various charming places.

In June, you can also attend a unique event - the Šaltibarščiai (cold borscht) festival, celebrating the national soup of Lithuania.

If you would like to explore a bit more of the country, you can easily go for day trips to Trakai, with its impressive medieval castle built on the lake, or to Kaunas, the second-largest city in Lithuania with charming Old Town and impressive modernist architecture that was recently awarded a UNESCO Heritage Site title.

Tuscany, Italy

Unsurprisingly, the picturesque region in Italy is a popular place to visit for everyone exploring Europe. Tuscany is a perfect combination of beautiful nature, fascinating cities, good food, wine, and art.

This is also one of the best places to visit in Europe in June. Since it's just before the summer season, the area is still not very crowded, but the weather is already good enough to enjoy both sightseeing and relaxing or even swimming in the sea. You can see famous attractions and museums (like the Uffizi Gallery in Florence or the Leaning Tower in Pisa) without too many people around and actually enjoy them.

While most visitors focus on the beautiful countryside with rolling hills and tall cypress trees, Tuscany offers more interesting natural sites. There are mountains you can go hiking in or, if you prefer more laid-back holidays, you can head to the seaside.

Those looking for cultural holidays should not miss towns and cities like Florence, Siena, Pisa, Lucca, or San Gimignano - all of them offer so much to see and do and are a quintessence of Tuscany.

Another good reason to visit Tuscany in June is prices, which are significantly lower than in the summer. You can save a lot on accommodation or attractions and instead spend that money in a better way, such as delicious local food and wine.

Split, Croatia

The second-largest city in Croatia is a perfect place to visit in June. The weather is ideal, with an average temperature of 27°C and hardly any rain.

Split offers a great diversity of attractions to satisfy each taste. You can relax at the beach, swim in the already warm Adriatic Sea, as well as do some sightseeing.

The old part of the city covers the Diocletian's Palace - a UNESCO-listed historic center where the Roman Imperial Palace used to stand. Dating to the early 4th century, you can still find numerous remnants of it all over the area, as this is probably the best-preserved Roman palace in the world. When wandering along picturesque lanes, you often stumble across old structures, mostly a few gates.

Just outside the Diocletian's Palace, you will find Riva - the main promenade of the city, a great place to walk along or sit in one of many cafes to relax and observe the world go by. For the best view of Split and its surroundings, you should head to Marjan Hill, which is situated a short walk up from the center.

There are a few beaches in the city where you can enjoy the sunshine and plunge into the sea; you can also go to a bit further locations to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and truly relax.

Split can also be used as a base to explore more of the stunning Dalmatia region and nearby islands. Since this is the main transportation hub in the area, you can easily move around using buses or ferries and visit places like Trogir, Omis, or the beautiful islands of Hvar and Brac.

June is still considered a shoulder season in Croatia, so you can enjoy lower prices and fewer people around while taking full advantage of the city and all its attractions.

Mallorca, Spain

Mallorca, the most popular and largest one of the Balearic Islands, is another perfect sunny place to visit in June in Europe. Like Split, it offers a great combination of interesting sites and relaxing opportunities, perfect for the June holidays.

With a coastline of around 550 km, there are plenty of lovely beaches and coves to enjoy; you will find the most popular ones on the southern and eastern sides of the island.

Once you get tired of spending time at the beach yet still would like to enjoy the beautiful natural landscape, you can take advantage of the Mallorca mountains and go hiking in the Serra de Tramuntana range (a UNESCO site). The highest peak on the island, Puig Major, is 1,436 meters above sea level, so you can expect some fine trails here, even for the most demanding travelers.

Those interested in historical sites should focus on Palma de Mallorca, the capital of the island. That's where you will find some remarkable monuments, including the impressive La Seu Cathedral, Almudaina Palace, Arab Baths, and more landmarks worth seeing.

Despite being an island, getting to Mallorca is relatively easy - you can fly there directly from numerous European countries, there is also a ferry from mainland Spain.


In recent years, Albania has rapidly gained popularity, each summer welcoming tourists from all over the world who seek seaside holidays at affordable prices. But before crowds arrive, you can enjoy all the best the country offers in June, when the weather is perfect for sightseeing, swimming in the sea, or hiking.

Even if the country isn't very large, it offers attractions for everyone. With a coastline of almost 500 kilometers, there are many beautiful places for relaxing holidays. However, the most beautiful part, with sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, is between Vlora and the country's southern border. The southernmost seaside town, Ksamil, is known as European Maledives for its stunning location and the unreal turquoise water of the Ionian Sea.

But Albania is more than just the seaside. There are beautiful stone towns like Berat or Gjirokaster (both UNESCO World Heritage Sites), numerous ancient ruins all over the country, and magnificent Albanian Alps in the northern part - a secluded area with jaw-dropping views.

The capital of Albania - Tirana - might not be the most beautiful city but its vibrant atmosphere, numerous cafes and restaurants, and colorful facade can quickly suck you in.

Albania is still a bit of a hidden gem (although it is quickly changing), so hurry up to discover it before others do.

Scotland, United Kingdom

Many travelers dream of visiting Scotland, and June is probably the best time to do it. The weather is very good by local standards, with an average of slightly under 20°C, plenty of warm and sunny days, and only a few showers in between. The summer crowds have not arrived yet, so even if there are tourists around, it's not overwhelming, and you can explore Scotland easily.

This region is packed with attractions and exciting places waiting for you to discover. It's best to start in Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland and its most popular destination. Here, you can wander around the beautiful Old Town with its narrow cobbled lanes, visit the impressive castle dating back to medieval times, and admire the magnificent architecture from old times.

Since Edinburgh is a transportation hub of the region, you can continue your journey through Scotland from here, visiting some of its highlights along the way. There you will find a beautiful landscape and interesting landmarks (you might know some of them from famous productions like Harry Potter movies or "Outlander"). You will also be able to learn more about Scottish culture and what makes it so unique.

Some of the most picturesque places you should include in your itinerary are the Scottish Highlands, Isle of Skye, famous Loch Ness Lake, or interesting cities like Inverness and Glasgow.

If you decide to drive yourself around Scotland, remember that the traffic is on the left side there (this can take a bit to get used to), and some of the countryside roads can be really narrow. But despite all these challenges, exploring Scotland will surely be an unforgettable experience!


The last one of our recommendations of the best places to visit in Europe in June is Sweden. This is when the beautiful Nordic country offers the best weather for both sightseeing in cities and enjoying pure nature. The weather is similar to Scotland and the days are really long, especially up in the North where you can experience the midnight sun.

You can easily get to Stockholm - the capital of Sweden - or two other main cities, Malmo and Gothenburg, and after exploring them, you will start your trip around the country. Along the way, you will find many interesting places: landmarks with a long history, including the Viking heritage, and breathtaking nature with lakes, forests, rocky seaside, and more. Those brave enough can even dip into the Baltic Sea, although it might not be the warmest experience as the water temperature should be around 15°C.

If you happen to be in Sweden during the summer solstice, you can attend Midsummer - one of the most celebrated events in the country. The shortest night in the year has a magical vibe, with many local traditions you can experience: trying local food, playing games, or singing drinking songs. If you plan to visit Sweden in June, aim for Midsummer to experience this crucial part of the local culture, too.

Final thoughts on visiting Europe in June

Even if we covered only ten of the best places to visit in Europe in June, the truth is, no matter where you decide to go, it will be a good choice. Good weather, long and sunny days, and affordable prices make visiting Europe in June such a good idea. If you are unsure what is the best time to explore Europe, give a chance to June - you will not be disappointed!